Valery Gergiev to Sell $150 Million in Property in Milan

By Francisco Salazar

Valery Gergiev is selling $150 million worth of property in Milan.

According to the Corriere della Serra, the Russian conductor, who has been fired from all his European contracts, has put at least 20 properties for sale.

The properties include a villa on the Amalfi Coast, complete with Roman ruins and an Aragon tower in the garden, the Palazzo Barbarigo on San Vio in Venice, the Caffè Quadri, and some shops in Piazza San Marco. He also inherited one-quarter of the estate of the Japanese benefactor Yoko Nagae Ceschina, who died in 2015.

Some of the properties have already been emptied while others remain untouched but will soon be emptied.

According to the Italian press, Gergiev is reported to be building a palace in North Ossetia, where he was born.