University of North Carolina School of the Arts Launches UNCSA Media

By Francisco Salazar

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts has launched its first-ever media publishing arm, UNCSA Media, a mission-driven recording label that will feature the creative projects of faculty and alumni from UNCSA across all disciplines and offer curricular opportunities for students to gain practical career skills in intellectual property and entrepreneurship.

The company will release two to three albums and will feature music, film and video, plays, dance, and more. The first album was released on Sept. 29 which was “Windows,” a recording featuring UNCSA faculty members performing works by contemporary composers Valerie Coleman, Jessie Montgomery and Reena Esmail, as well as a world premiere commission by Kamala Sankaram.

In a statement UNCSA Chancellor Brian Cole said, “I am so proud to launch UNCSA Media, an innovative, mission-driven platform that will highlight the incredible talent produced by and created at our unique conservatory, UNCSA Media will not only showcase the remarkable and innovative talents of our faculty and alumni across a range of disciplines, genres and artforms, but will also provide curricular opportunities for our students to gain practical skills that will help them become entrepreneurs and artists for the 21st century and beyond. In this time of ever-evolving business models in the arts industry, it is more critical than ever for our student artists to learn the value of ownership, and of leveraging their intellectual property as they move into the professional world.”

According to the press release UNCSA Media will also provide a platform for its artist community to showcase their work to new audiences.

Future projects in discussion include an album of symphonic music composed by UNCSA alumnus and founding member of the band “Jump, Little Children,” Jay Clifford.


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