Tullio Serafin Competition Announced for 2023

By Francisco Salazar

The Tullio Serafin Competition is set to return to Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.

The competition, which is organized by Concetto Armonico in collaboration with Archivio storico Tullio Serafin and with the hospitality of Teatro alla Scala, Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, the Israeli Opera of Tel Aviv and Teatro Tullio Serafin in Cavarzere, will take place in preliminary rounds.

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to perform at the Vicenza in Lirica Festival at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.

The Competition will consist of preliminary rounds at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome (April 17), Teatro alla Scala in Milan (April 23 and 24), Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa (April 25), Teatro Tullio Serafin in Cavarzere – Venice (April 27), The Israeli Opera of Tel Aviv (May 5).

The finals will be open to the public and will be held on June 7 at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.

The Jury in the theaters that will host the “preliminary rounds” of the competition will be composed by Andrea Castello artistic director of “Vicenza in Lirica” Festival and president of Archivio storico Tullio Serafin, soprano Barbara Frittoli and mezzo Renata Lamanda and a representative of the hosting theatre.

Finally, the  Jury for the finals will be composed by Maestro Alessandro Galoppini PRESIDENT OF THE JURY (casting manager of Teatro alla Scala), Claudio Orazi (Superintendent of Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa), Barbara Frittoli (soprano), Renata Lamanda (mezzo), Giovanna Canetti (singing teacher) and Andrea Castello (artistic director).