Third Eye Theatre Ensemble To Support Chicago Women’s Health Center Through Production of ‘Patience & Sarah: A Pioneering Love Story’

By David Salazar

The Third Eye Theatre Ensemble will put on a production of composer Paula M. Kimper and librettist Wende Persons’ “Patience & Sarah: A Pioneering Love Story” as part of its fifth season. This production, scheduled for Oct. 5-21, 2018, is a celebration of the 20th anniversary Chicago production of the work.

The cast will feature Rena Ahmed, Angela Born, Tracey Furling, Noah Gartner, Liana Gineitis, Stephen Hobe, Dennis Kalup, Jenna Schroer, Diana Stoic, Kota Terrace, and Evita Trembley.  Alex Enyart conducts the musical ensemble with Jennifer Cox directing the production.

Per a press release, “Third Eye Theatre Ensemble presents quality productions of new or seldom performed operatic works that inspire conversation while advocating for human rights and social justice.” As part of this initiative the company is set to partner with Chicago Women’s Health Center (CWHC), donating $1 over every ticket purchased for the opera to this organization. CWHC provides women and trans people with access to health care and health education at an affordable rate in a respectful environment.