Theater Erfurt to Revive Felix Weingartner’s ‘Orestes’

By David Salazar
(©Lutz Edelhoff)

Germany’s Theater Erfurt is set to present Felix Weingartner’s “Orestes” this May.

Alexander Prior and Clemens Fieguth conduct a production directed by Guy Montavon and designed by Hank Irwin Kittel.

The operas Kakhaber Shavidze as Agamemnon, Ilia Papandreou as Clytemnestra, Siyabuela Ntlale as Aegistus, Brett Sprague as Orestes, Daniela Gerstenmeyer as Electra, Elsa Roux Chamoux as Kilissa, and Laura Nielsen as Cassandra.

Performances, which last around three hours and 30 minutes, kick off on May 20 and run through June 11, 2023.

Weingartner was a famed conductor who also composed several works, including numerous operas. Among the operas that he composed throughout his career we “Genesius,” “Kain und Abel,’ “Dame Kobold,” “Meister Andrea,” and “Der Apostat.”