The Sound of Identity Gets Release Date

By Francisco Salazar

“The Sound of Identity” is set to be released on demand and digital in time for Pride Month.

The documentary tells the story of Opera singer Lucia Lucas’s historical run of “Don Giovanni” at the Tulsa Opera. The film was directed by James Kicklighter and will be released on June 1 by Shout! Studios.

The Sound of Identity” premiered earlier in 2020 at the OUTShine Film Festival and won the Programmers Award for Excellence.

In a press release, Kicklighter said, “Our work as artists is both informed by our life experiences, and the times we live in. In profiling the professional journey of Lucia Lucas, I believe I have also made the most personal film of my own career, a universal story of all the experiences that make up the people we choose to become. Through telling the story of Lucia today, in an era where trans visibility is unprecedented, we examine the strides that have been made, but also, the long road ahead for this marginalized community. Intertwined with the man who hired her, legendary opera composer Tobias Picker, ‘The Sound of Identity’ explores the creative process through identity in our personal and professional lives. I hope that you’ll walk away asking yourself — who are you?”