‘The Silent Twins’ Wins Top Prize at Catapult Opera’s Accelerate Competition

By David Salazar

Catapult Opera has announced the winners of its Accelerate Competiton.

The Competition was a team-based event intended to inspire innovation and creativity in the realm of socially distanced operatic performance. Teams were given four selection to choose from and had three weeks to put together a video that met categories of music excellence, dramatic integrity, and creativity.

The first prize went to “The Silent Twins,” a project based on Marjorie Wallace’s book and feature soprano Victoria Okafor and Mezzo-soprano Briana Hunter. The work, which was written by April de Angelis and composed by Erollyn Wallen, was conducted by David Rosenmeyer and directed by Malena Dayen. Sangmin Chae was the video designer.

“The Silent Twins” group will receive $5,000 in prize money.

Check it out below.

Taking home the $2,500 cash prize for second place was another production of “The Silent Twins” directed by Amanda Bottoms and featuring mezzo-soprano Rehanna Thelwell and soprano Lindsey Reynolds. William Woodard played at the piano.

Check out that rendition below.

The Innovation Prize, which came with a $1,500 cash prize, went to “Hanjo,” while the Audience Prize ($1,000 prize) went to “La Ville Morte.”

The production team for “Hanjo” included mezzo-soprano Leslie Ann Leytham and baritone Jonathan Nussman. Brendan Nguyen arranged the music and performed at the piano while Tania Yager was in charge of design and puppetry. Finally, Joe Cantrell audio engineered, mixed, and video edited.

Finally, “La Ville Morte” was directed by Déa Julien based on a concept by James Danner, who also starred in the work. Mario Diaz-Moresco and Amanda Hameline rounded out the cast. Spencer Myer performed at the piano while Charles Danner, Robert Dowling, Chloe Sarbib, and Alexander Sargent made up the production team.