The National Sawdust & Beth Morrison Projects Team Up for ’21c Liederabend, op. Worldwide’

By David Salazar

The National Sawdust and Beth Morrison Projects are set to team up to present “21c Liederabend, op. Worldwide” which will start streaming on June 27, 2021.

The showcase will feature a wealth of renowned international artists including Holland Andrews, Amyra León, Lido Pimienta, David Frazier, Darian Thomas, Paris Marcel, Paola Prestini, Royce Vavrek, Eve Gigliotti, Natalie Frank, Erin Pollock, Theodosia Roussos, Adrianne Pope, Andrew McIntosh, Derek Stein, Jiji, Michael Day, Hana Kim, Diana Syrse, Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim Harris, Lev Zhurbin, and Jeffrey Zeigler, among many others.

Prestini, who co-directed the series, will also be presenting “Jarful of Bees,” a short animated film combining soprano and electronics with painting and Claymation.

“The tapestry upon which the soprano line is freely set uses bee sounds, wind, warped records, percussion, and prepared piano. An intensely personal piece, the work follows a tripartite structure: an opening calm of waiting with solemn unrelated lines gives way to a middle section where the belongings in a small suitcase, including a jar full of bees, nearly explodes, and finally a type of requiem to memory ensues, utilizing distorted Lionel Richie fragments which bring the singer for whom the work is written, Eve Gigliotti, to a type of peace. My voice partners and shadows Eve’s for the opening and ending, bringing our joint stories that have somewhat inspired Royce’s lyrics together in song. I’m beyond excited to collaborate with Natalie and Erin. Their stunning and unique process and resulting visual world culminates a generative process of trust and collaboration for Jarful of Bees, which I’m so excited will debut on 21c Liederabend,” Prestini said in a press release.