The Music Troupe to Present ‘The Duchess of Padua’

By David Salazar

The Music Troupe is set to present “The Duchess of Padua” starting this February.

The opera is adapted from the Oscar Wilde play and features music by Edward Lambert. Fleur Snow directs a cast starring Ellie Neate in the title role, Anna Elizabeth Cooper as Guido Ferranti, James Beddoe as The Duke of Padua, and Henry Grant Kerswell as Count Moranzone.

Per the official press release, ” An avenging young man falls for the browbeaten duchess and casts them both into danger. At times melodramatic, at times sentimental, with everything in between, this adaptation of Wilde’s beautiful verse faithfully follows the twists and turns of the drama’s extraordinary plot – and reveals it to be more modern than it seems. There has been no known production of the play between 1891 and 2010 (Wikipedia), and so the best of Wilde’s eloquent and touching text is, for the duration of these performances, rescued from oblivion.”

The production opens in London on Feb. 20-25, 2024 before heading to The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond on March 2, 2024. Then it heads to Manchester’s The Anthony Burgess Foundation on March 3, before ending its run at Hungerford’s The Croft Hall on March 10. The performance lasts one hour 45 minutes with intermission.