The Metropolitan Opera Guild Announces New Programs, Including Maria Callas Tribute, For 2018

By David Salazar

The Metropolitan Opera Guild has announced new programs for the 2018 season.

Among the new programs added to the Schedule are “In the Mouth of the Wolf,” “Maria Callas at Ninety-Five – A Birthday Salute,” and “Celebrating Historic Met Moments.”

“We are pleased to announce some new and additional programming for Spring 2018,” said Stuart Holt, Director of School Programs and Community Engagement, Metropolitan Opera Guild. “In addition to our Continuing Education classes which provide a multitude of diverse ways to be educated on all aspects of this art form, this lineup offers unique insights into the opera world.”

“In the Mouth of the Wolf” is set to take place on March 27, 2018 between 7-9 p.m. With “Luisa Miller” returning to the Met stage, the organization has revisited a CBS airing from 1963 which followed Pieto Cappuccill, Margherita Roberti, and Renato Cioni as they took on a new production of the famed Verdi work.

On May first and eighth, the organization pays tribute to opera’s most iconic figure with “Maria Callas at Ninety-Five – A Birthday Salute.”. Jane Marsh leads the two sessions and explores the artistry of this unforgettable diva.

To close things out on May 15 and 17, the Guild presents historic moments from the Met over two sessions. Naomi Barrettara leads the way.