The International Tchaikovsky Competition Reveals 9 Vocal Finalists For 2019

By David Salazar

The finalists for the Tchaikovsky Competition have been announced.

In sum, there are nine singers, five of them from Russia, three from Asia, and only one other singer from a European country.

The five Russians include Aigul Khismatullina, Maria Motoligina, Oksana Mayorova, Maria Barajova, and Migran Agagzanyan. South Korean Gihoon Kim, Mongolian Enkhbold Ankkhbayar, and Ubekistani Angelina Akhmedova represent the three Asian artists, while Georgios Alexandros Stavrakakis, who hails from Greece, is the other finalist.
The competition runs through June 29.

In addition to the voice finalists, those who will be competing in the finals for the woodwind and brass, violin, piano, and cello sections were also unveiled. There were seven pianists, six violinists, six cellists, eight woodwinds, and nine brass finalists.

In sum, of all the finalists across every category, 15 were from Russia; four were from the USA; four come from South Korea; two are from South America; 12 others are from around Europe; and three are from China.