The Hartford Opera Theater Presents ‘The Faith Operas’

By Katharine Baran

The Hartford Opera Theatre presents a new opera “The Faith Operas.” Debuting to the world on April 8, 2017, at the Charter Oak Cultural Center, the work is split into four performances, revolving around four central issues: faith, religion, love, and family.

The composer, David Wolfson, developed the idea about four short operas revolving around faith and ran with the theme. He began with one piece named, “Maya’s Ark,” then created three more shorts to go along with it: “Rapture,” “A Fine Invention,” and “Heaven’s Gate.”

“My friend Experience Bryon of Central School of Speech and Drama in London, who has helped with dramaturgical aspects of all of these, characterized ‘Maya’s Ark’ as ‘faith restored,’ ‘Rapture’ as ‘faith destroyed,’ ‘a  ‘Fine Invention’ as ‘faith challenged,’ and actually she never followed that through for ‘Heaven’s Gate,’ but I think I’d call it ‘faith transformed,'” Wolfson told OperaWire.

Each segment discusses one of the issues through a specific religion, focusing on how they each handle different dilemmas, and showing how love ultimately wins out over everything else. The cast includes Julie DaVaere, Tony Leathem, Lisabeth Miller, and Gregory Zavrachy and is directed by Kristy Chambrelli, while Joseph A. Hodge conducts.

In addition to its production of “The Faith Operas,” the company will also present Aaron Copland’s “The Tender Land” this June.