The English Concert to Record Over 600 Händel Works

By David Salazar

The English Concert is set to record over 600 works by Händel as part of a project entitled “Handel for All.”

The project will feature an online library that includes older recordings, newer recordings as they are added, live performances, a resource for all ages and abilities, interactive digital learning materials, and resources for academic institutions and cultural researchers among others.

“This is a really exciting moment, and we are thrilled to be embarking on this ambitious journey to film all of Handel’s incredible music,” Artistic Director Harry Bicket said. “He left us such a treasure trove of delights and we want to ensure that people living now and generations to come have access to content of the highest quality. We are living in unprecedented times and sadly music is being woefully neglected in most educational settings. It is vital that we offer young people access to classical music and to help nurture the audiences of both today and tomorrow. We very much hope to develop some future Handel lovers through Handel for All.”

Kicking it all off will be a “Handel for All” celebration on Feb. 28, 2023 at Barbican Hall with a concert entitled “Handel: The Philanthropist.” Bicket will lead The English Concert and a group of soloists including Ann Hallenberg, Elena Villalón, and James Way.

Among the 600 works recorded are 70 operas and oratorios as well as 150 other vocal works. Among the works that audiences can expect in 2023-24 are “Samson,” “Saul,” “Acis & Galatea,” “Apollo e Dafne,” “Armida Abbandonata,” and “La Lucrezia,” among others. Works set to be recorded in 2023 and scheduled for release in 2024 include “Solomon,” “Amadigi,” “Ariodante,” and “Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno,” among others.