The Dallas Opera Releases ‘No One is Forgotten’

By David Salazar

The Dallas Opera has released the new 3D Spatial Immersive Audio Opera “No One is Forgotten.”

The worked, based on the play by Winter Miller and co-composed by Paola Prestini and Sxip Shirley (with a libretto by Winter Miller) is now available on Apple Music and Tidal. Apple listeners can experience the work in Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio.

“No One is Forgotten” tells the story of Lali and Beng, a journalist and aid work, who are held captive in the same room and struggle to keep themselves alive while coping with maintaining physical and emotional boundaries.

Vocalists include Eve Gigliotti and Kearstin Piper Brown. They are joined by performers Kathleen Chalfant and Amelia Workman.

“The evolution of the operatic art form includes utilizing new and innovative platforms in alignment with modern society’s consumption of media,” said Gigliotti, who is also a producer of the work, in an official press statement. “Through cross-collaborative storytelling, modular platforms of delivery, and immersive technology, ‘No One Is Forgotten’ is now part of a continuing conversation, opening pathways to broader audiences and testing the limits of what is possible.”

The opera was co-commissioned by  The Dallas Opera, Emitha/Lexicon Classics, and mezzo-soprano Eve Gigliotti.


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