The Crossing to Release Four Films Prior to Election Day

By David Salazar

The Crossing has announced that it will be releasing four new films prior to the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

On Oct. 26, the company will present David Lang’s “stateless,” the third collaboration between the composer and ensemble since the pandemic started back in March 2020. The work sets a 13th century letter from an exiled Rabbi to his children in Barcelona.

On March 28, the company will release “she took his hands” by composer Nicholas Cline. The work sets words by Emma Lazano on the arrest of her friend, Chicago immigrant activist Elvira Arellano.

“Democracy” premieres on Oct. 30. The work was created by Robert Maggio to words from Franklin Roosevelt’s “Arsenal of Democracy” radio speech.

The series will be capped by the world premiere of Ayanna Wood’s “Shift,” set for release on Nov. 2, 2020.

The four works were conducted by Donald Nally, who also conceived them. The films are by Four/Ten Media.