The Cleveland Orchestra Expands Digital Offerings, Featuring Beethoven Celebration Festival

By Logan Martell

(Credit: © Julia Wesely)

The Cleveland Orchestra has launched the second collection of their concert audio recordings, featuring their celebrated “Prometheus Project.”

Dedicated to exploring the works of Beethoven, this festival closed out the orchestra’s centennial season in 2018. The “TCO Classics” can be streamed for free on the company’s website.

This collection of recordings includes all nine of Beethoven’s symphonies, as well as four of his overtures and his “Grosse Fuge,” and draws upon several decades of performance recordings from The Cleveland Orchestra.

Music Director Franz Welser-Möst will also be sharing insights on Beethoven’s music, framing the discussion through the lens of the myth of Prometheus.

“I used the story of Prometheus as a metaphor and lens for what Beethoven was writing, not just in his symphonies, but across his lifetime, and throughout all of his music,” Welser-Möst wrote in a press release. “With Prometheus as a focus, with this earnest and thoughtful approach, we engage in a new way with audiences. When studying an exceptional figure like Beethoven, it is essential that we constantly look at new approaches to his work, to enliven and deepen our understanding of his genius.”