The Canales Project Announces the Upcoming Release of its Debut Compilation Album ​’Hear Her Song’

By Chris Ruel

The Canales Project (TCP), a nonprofit founded by internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano Carla Canales and dedicated to giving voice to issues of identity and culture through song, announced the March 26 release date of Project’s debut compilation album, “Hear Our Song.”

The recording features 45 songs, all composed by female-identifying composers, and is the culmination of a four-year initiative sparked by the historic 2017 Women’s March. The timing of the drop aligns the recording with Women’s History Month, while also commemorating the anniversary of the Women’s March.

“Hear Her Song” honors distinguished women through song, and the album’s creation process included connecting each artist with an honoree. The composer then wrote the song using the honoree’s own stories and words directly. Multinational and multi-genre in scope, the recording celebrates women’s achievements while also serving as a clarion call to advocate for gender equality.

In a statement put out by the Project, Ambassador Ruth A. Davis stated, “The soaring lyrics of ‘Hear Her Song’ ​that honor outstanding women who have contributed to making the world a better place lift our spirits and give us hope for a brighter, more fulfilling future.”

P​roduced in collaboration with engineer Christopher Botta, the album features 11 songs composed by Faye Chiao (USA, honoring Xiaoguang Zhou), Dina Fanai (USA, honoring Linda Rendleman), Rosabella Gregory (United Kingdom, honoring Shivika Sinha), Gwyneth Herbert (United Kingdom, honoring Gloria Steinem), Eliza Hull (Australia, honoring Carly Findlay), Hyeyoung Kim (South Korea, honoring Hui Ruoqi), Maria Landi (USA, honoring women from Mercy Beyond Borders), Sophia Lanuza (USA, honoring women from Mercy Beyond Borders), Janet Noh (USA, honoring Yang Lan), Helen Park (South Korea, Theme Song for Her Village), and Katy Pfaffl (USA, Theme Song for project).