The American Opera Project to Present New Project on Reproductive Rights

By David Salazar

The American Opera Project has announced a series of programs showcasing 11 short operas about reproductive rights.

“Losing Control,” which will be presented in collaboration with the NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ Opera Lab, will take place on May 26 and 27, 2022.

The works include Sean Havrilla and Peyton Marion’s “Inside;” Danny Ursetti and Vaibu Mohan’s “The Life of a Lemon;” Teresa Lotz’s “Don’t Judge Me;” Ella Yoon’s “Your Body, My Choice;” Zach Catron and Jessie Field’s “Tin Man,” Mark T Evans and Andi Lee Carter’s “Seahorse Dad’s Club;” Erin Hoerchler and Andrew Strano’s “Chicken / Egg;” Julio Vaquero and Clare Bierman’s “The Clone;” Henco Espag and Danielle Koenig’s “One Minute in a Waiting Room;” Angelique Mouyis and Gabe Caruso’s “Family;” and Pablo Concha and Momo Akashi’s “December.

The works range from magical realism to musical amalgamations of Avante Garde, jazz, minimalism, science fiction, and LGBTQ+ stories.

They will be directed by Nina Fry, I-Chen Wang, Sam Helfrich, and Francisco Rivera Rodriguez.

Performers will include Ariadne Greif, Brittany Fowler, Laura Virella, Kris Königin, Lucas Bouk, Amelia Watkins, MaKayla McDonald, Cáitlín Burke, Jordan Rutter, Aaron-Casey Gould, and will be supported on piano by Music Directors Candace Chien, and Jeremy Chan.