Terence Blanchard to Discuss Latest Work on WQXR and Aria Code

By Logan Martell

On October 8, 2021, WQXR will present a special conversation between Aria Code’s Rhiannon Giddens and award-winning composer Terence Blanchard.

They will discuss his latest work, “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” and its historic premiere in September as the Metropolitan Opera’s first work from a Black composer; Blanchard’s writing process; the challenges of staging an opera during a pandemic; and their experiences of coming to opera from other musical genres.

Aria Code will also present an episode on Blanchard’s new opera, which will feature interviews with the composer, acclaimed baritone Will Liverman, and E. Patrick Johnson, the Dean of the School of Communication and Anneberg University Professor of Performance Studies and African American Studies at Northwestern University.

The discussion on Oct 8 will be free to watch via WQXR, with reservations required. The Oct 13 Aria Code Episode will be available to watch on WNYC Studios and all other podcasting platforms.