Tenor Timothy Stoddard & Composer Michael Markowski Release ‘Mortally Wounded’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Composer Michael Markowski and tenor Timothy Stoddard have released a recording of “Mortally Wounded,” a new song cycle for tenor and piano.

The song composition and musicalization work was done from long-distance, due to the pandemic with fine-tuning done through audio and cellular video clips. The final recording was made in Pittsburgh along with pianist Ellen Fast.

The piece represents Markowski’s first foray into classical vocal composition. The pandemic forced him to put aside his usual work and discovered a new facet of his abilities through the heartbreaking poetry of Federico García Lorca, with texts that invoke unrequited love. The song cycle is stylistically influenced by traditional song and contemporary musical theatre, with a slight touch of cante jondo of Flamenco.

This is the first collaboration between Markowski and Stoddard.

“New music for the classical voice has been a passion of mine, and I consider it a great privilege to collaborate with composers and interpret and promote work that sort of keeps the circulation flowing within the art form. This project was also meaningful because I was creating art with friends; I needed that through the pandemic,” Stoddard told OperaWire. “My hope for this piece is that we have done our job so well that the music and the way in which we took great care and admiration of Lorca’s texts serve to inspire and stir whoever listens. I’ve never been a perfect singer, but I certainly am a human singer, and I hope my humanity comes through in the way I do my work.”

Audiences can listen to the cycle on Apple Music, Spotify and other major platforms.