Teatro San Carlo Responds to Stéphane Lissner’s Reinstatement

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro San Carlo di Napoli has responded to the reinstatement of Stéphane Lissner, following a court order.

In a statement obtained by Apemusicale, president of the Teatro di San Carlo Foundation Gaetano Manfredi said, “As president of the Teatro di San Carlo Foundation, I take note of the order issued by the Court of Naples as a precautionary measure regarding the appeal presented by Stéphane Lissner: the judicial provisions are respected. In declaring the dismissal of the outgoing Superintendent and providing for the appointment of Carlo Fuortes – who has worked well in this phase, we have applied a state law avoiding a management vacuum. I will shortly meet the Foundation’s Board of Directors to make the reinstatement effective and to then evaluate the presentation of the complaint in Appeal through the State Attorney’s Office to which we have entrusted the defense of the Foundation in court. The Theater needs stability and continuity to continue the work started in full legitimation of the roles.”

The statement comes after a Labor court in Naples, Italy ruled that it was unlawful to let Lissner go due to his age.

The news comes just days after Carlos Furotes began his tenure as Superintendent. The new leader was chosen after Lissner was ousted due to a law that prohibited 70-year-olds from holding state jobs. Lissner’s tenure was set to end in 2025.

The company recently opened a new production of “Madama Butterfly” and is set to present the rarely performed opera, “Beatrice di Tenda.”