Teatro Real Joins Spanish Association of Directors

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Teatro Real, the highest institution of the Performing and Musical Arts in Spain, has joined the Spanish Association of Directors (AED) to contribute its experience in the internationalization, digitalization, and modernization of the cultural and artistic sector. Teatro Real can participate in the more than 200 annual activities that the AED celebrates in person and digitally, an agreement ratified by each of the directors of the institutions.

Xavier Gangonells, general director of the AED, said in a press statement, “It is an honor to be able to count on one of the largest cultural institutions in Spain and in the world, among its corporate partners. The work that the Teatro Real carried out during the pandemic is important and in this sense it is the opportunity for the members of the AED to be able to share experiences and learning with a company like the Teatro Real”

The Teatro Real is a public foundation, with autonomous management in which the Ministry of Culture, the Government of the Madrid Community, and the Madrid City Council participate, under the direction of Ignacio García-Belenguer, who has positioned the Theater to be a national opera of reference for performing and musical arts in Spain.

The Teatro Real, thanks to its international reach, has received innumerable recognitions, among which is the International Opera Award for Best Theater in the World.