Teatro Real di Madrid Experiences COVID-19 Outbreak in ‘Peter Grimes’ Production

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro Real in Madrid is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

According to Beckmesser, during “Peter Grimes” rehearsals 20 members of the production caught the virus.

While the Teatro Real has yet to confirm the news, Intermezzo which represents the chorus has confirmed that four of the 12 soloists in the production have caught the virus while nine chorus members and various orchestra members have also been infected or tested positive.

As a result, chorus rehearsals were suspended during the week of March 17 and costume tests were also suspended on March 22.

According to the Teatro Real, all cases have been contained and have not been severe. The company also noted that it is continuing to follow all health regulations and restrictions in order to contain the spread and will open “Peter Grimes” on April 19 as announced.

The Teatro Real originally announced that the production was delayed due to due to several factors including the delay in the artists’ arrival to the rehearsals, caused by the restrictions in mobility and the bureaucratic obstacles of Brexit (most of the artists are British). There has also been a complete readjustment of the rehearsal schedule, which could not continue in the theater’s rehearsal rooms due to a large number of participants in the opera.

“Peter Grimes” will star tenor Allan Clayton in the title role, Maria Bengtsson, Christopher Purves, and Catherine Wyn-Rogers and will be conducted by Andrés Máspero.


The Teatro Real has responded to the report denying that there was an outbreak in the theater and that any positive tests have been isolated cases caused by personal or familial gatherings.

The theater also noted in a press release that rehearsals are currently being held as scheduled in anticipation of the April 19 opening. Additionally, the company noted that all 250 artists participating in the production have undergone regular exams and tests and have followed all regulations to maintain the safety of all involved.


Intermezzo has reached out to OperaWire via email stating that the information in the Beckmesser article was never confirmed or provided by Intermezzo.