Teatro Real de Madrid Showcasing Victoria de los Ángeles Exposition

By David Salazar

The Teatro Real de Madrid is currently honoring Victoria de los Ángeles during its run of “Madama Butterfly.”

Alongside the opera production, which opened on June 30 and runs through July 22, there is an exposition on the seventh floor of the opera house featuring wardrobe, photographs, and personal objects of the iconic soprano.

“We are very happy to feature this exposition in the Teatro Real and it excites to remember Victoria de los Ángeles, one of the greatest opera singers ever,” said Joan Matabosch, Artistic Director of the Teatro Real in an official press  release. “She is spoken about less than she deserves because she opened the doors and windows for all generations of singers from Spain that would come after.”

The exposition is being presented in conjunction with the Fundación Victoria de los Ángeles.