Teatro La Fenice Pays Tribute to Victims of Deadly Venice Accident

By Francisco Salazar

On Oct. 5, the Teatro La Fenice honored the victims of the bus crash in Venice during the performance of “La Traviata.”

Before the performance, Superintendant Fortunato Ortombina came out on stage and asked all members of the audience for a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the terrible accident which saw at least 21 people killed and 18 injured. The superintendent also dedicated the performance to the victims.

Via social media, the Teatro La Fenice also added, “Each of our hearts is sad and our thoughts are dazed because of what happened.” 

The bus accident occurred on Tuesday when it fell from an elevated street in Mestre en route to a camping site near the community of Marghera. Four of the injured were in serious condition and two of the dead were children.



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