Teatro Hasta Trilce to Host Performance of ‘La Máscara de la Muerte Amarilla’

By David Salazar

On Oct. 2, 2023, Buenos Aires’ Teatro Hasta Trilce will present Alternative Teatral’s “La Máscara de la Muerte Amarilla.”

The opera by Guillermo Vega Fischer tells the story of the yellow fever epidemic in Buenos Aires in 1871. In the opera, while news of the epidemic runs rampant, a series of nobles decide to host a mascarade, not realizing that the epidemic will also be attending.

The show stars tenor Ivan Bertone, soprano Sofía Drever, mezzo-soprano Anahí Fernández Caballero, bass-baritone Alejandro Schijman,  and baritone Jesús Villamizar. They will be accompanied by pianist Malena Levín and flautist Ana Ligia Mastruzzo.

Pablo Archetti leads the production as costume designer, set designer, lighting designer, and art director. Manuel Pérez Vizán is the assistant director, and Luis Nesa conducts.

The opera’s duration is 100 minutes.