Teatro Grattacielo Releases ‘Beniamino Gigli 100 Years at MET: Scenes from Boito’s Mefistofele’

By David Salazar

Teatro Grattacielo has released its first streaming project, “Beniamino Gigli 100 years at MET Scenes from Boito’s Mefistofele.”

The hour-long video, made in honor of the legendary tenor, features an introduction from his granddaughter Francesca Romana Gigli as well as commentary by critic John Yohalem. There are performances by tenor Thomas Massey as Faust, bass Alessandro Tirotta as Mefistofele, soprano Francesca Mondanaro as Margherita, and mezzo-soprano Karolina Pilou as Martha.

The video was directed by Malena Dayen with video design by Sangmin Chae, Kamal Khan conducts.

Teatro Grattacielo continues its mission to promote the performances of rare operas in the United States while bringing new prospectives with an eye on innovations, filmography, and multimedia arts. We are thinking of the opera world of now while we are enhancing operatic traditions,” Teatro Grattacielo Artistic Director Stefanos Koroneos told OperaWire.

“I loved the opportunity and challenge of reimagining Teatro Grattacielo’s traditional concert version for a pandemic times online performance. We decided to film a live performance in New York taking all the cares to keep everyone safe, and include our Mefistofele in post-production, since he was singing from Italy. I think the mystical character lent itself perfectly for the strangeness of the video treatment,” added Dayen. “We included the artwork of Tom Slaughter, an iconic New York artist that makes this Mefistofele unmistakable New Yorker, to celebrate the debut of Gigli’s at the Met.”

Watch the video here.