Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Announces New Board & Sovrintendente

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro dell’opera di Roma has installed a new board under the leadership of President¬†Virginia Raggi.

The board will be made up of Maria Pia Ammirati who represents the capital of Rome; Michaela Castelli who represents Acea SPA; Gianluca Comin representing Mibact; Albino Ruberti representing the region of Lazio; and Lorenzo Tagliavanti representing CCIAA di Roma. Michaela Castelli was nominated as the Vice President.

Carlos Fuortes was also confirmed in a majority vote as the Sovrintendente.

Finally, the board approved the change to the 2020 budget following the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is currently streaming operas from past seasons and is expected to reopen in May with a production of Verdi’s middle-period opera “Luisa Miller.” More information should be available once Italy announces when the lockdown will end.