Teatro de la Zarzuela Confirms Two Chorus Members with Coronavirus

By Francisco Salazar

Two chorus members of the Teatro de la Zarzuela have tested positive for the coronavirus.

According Platea Magazine, the two members that tested positive were involved in rehearsals for the Zarzuela production of “Policías y ladrones.” The two are currently at home and are responding well to the treatment.

According to the magazine, 30 chorus members that interacted with the two have already been tested for the virus and are awaiting results.

The Teatro de la Zarzuela announced on March 11 that it was canceling all performances until March 26. The production of “Policías y ladrones” has been canceled as it was set to open on March 26 and there will be no rehearsal time. Ismael Jordi and Rubén Fernández Aguirre’s reictal on March 27 is still scheduled as well as Sole Giménez’s March 29 concert.