Teatro Comunale di Bologna Considers Next Season in Basketball Stadium

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro Comunale of Bologna has announced it could perform its upcoming season in a basketball arena.

According to the Corriere di Bologna, the company would perform at the famed PalaDozza in response to the coronavirus crisis and in order to accommodate an audience of about one thousand. It would result in no basketball next season.

He added “‘If the results go well we plan to move the next season of the Municipal Theatre to our Madison in Piazza Azzarita. We can accommodate more than a thousand people safely. This is how we save culture and invent the future in Bologna.”

This is not the first time opera is performed in a stadium in Italy. In Emilia-Romagna, opera has been performed in a stadium before and the Ravenna Festival has shown some of the greatest orchestras at the Pala de Andrè.