Tapestry Opera Announces 2022 Performances

By David Salazar

Canadian company Tapestry Opera has announced its upcoming performances for 2022.

First up will be “Gould’s Wall” which will take place at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music, with singers suspended on the atrium wall. The work, which was composed by Brian Current and written by Liza Balka, is inspired by the legendary career of Glenn Gould. The opera will star Lauren Pearl, Caitlin Wood, Andrea Ludwig, Keith Klassen, Justin Welsh, and Alice Malakhov. Philip Akin directs.

Performance Dates: Jan. 12-16, 2022

There will also be a “Songbook” performance.”

Performance Dates: March 11-12, 2022

The company will also be world premiering “R.U.R. A Torrent of Light” by Nicole Lizée and Nicolas Billon. Michael Hidetoshi Mori directs.

Performance Dates: May 24- June 5, 2022