Tamara Wilson Leads Dutch National Opera’s ‘Turandot’

By Francisco Salazar

The Dutch National Opera is set to present “Turandot.”

The work, which is part of a Puccini cycle, will be conducted by chief-conductor Lorenzo Viotti and staged by director Barrie Kosky.

For his new production, Barrie Kosky has decided to steer clear of the orientalism of the early 20th century. He neither zooms in on the psychological aspects of the characters, but presents an abstract city in a state of emergency. The people are the audience.

Kosky stages his Turandot in a hallucinatory, dystopian dreamscape that is characterized by lust, desire, and obsession.

The opera will star Tamara Wilson, Marcel Reijans, Liang Li, Alexei Kulagin, Najmiddin Mavlyanov, Martin Muehle, Kristina Mkhitaryan, and Juliana Grigoryan.

“Turandot” is set to be performed on Dec. 2 through 30, 2022.