Opera Meets Film: How Straub & Huillet’s ‘Moses und Aron’ Leaves Us to Our Own Interpretative Devices

Despite Arnold Schoenberg’s (1874-1951) widespread popularity as one of the most important ‘fathers of serialism’ and the person almost solely responsible for ushering in the age of dodecaphony (12-tone technique), his four operas are largely unknown. Despite this, it was Schoenberg’s fourth opera, “Moses und Aron,” which would transform opera forever. No longer constricted by the indulgent attitudes of Italian {…}

Kim-Lillian Strebel, Andreas Jäpel, Dirk Kleinke, Nils Stäfe Lead Staatstheater Cottbus 2020-21 Season

(Credits: Cross/Staatstheater Cottbus official website / Hupfeld/Staatstheater Cottbus official website) The Staatstheater Cottbus has announced its incoming 2020-21 season, featuring several new operatic productions and orchestral works. Here is the look. Premieres – Musiktheater Cottbus The Musiktheater Cottbus will present several new productions. The cast has been announced for the first production of the season, with other casts set to {…}