Staatsoper Hamburg Announces Numerous Cast Changes

By Francisco Salazar

The Staatsoper Hamburg has announced several cast changes to various productions.

The company noted that for “La Traviata” performances on March 4, 6, and 20, Collin Schöning will take over the part of Giuseppe for Simon Yang.

Meanwhile, in all performances of “Turandot,” Simon Yang takes over the role of Pong for Oleksiy Palchykov, while in all the performances of “Madama Butterfly,” Franco Vassallo will replace Ambrogio Maestri as Sharpless.

In “Luisa Miller” performances on March 27 and 31, Collin Schöning will take over the role of Contadino for Simon Yang while in all “Le Nozze di Figaro” performances audiences will Narea Son as Susanna in lieu of Katharina Konradi.

“Luisa Miller” opened on Feb. 16 while “La Traviata” is set to be performed from March 4 to March 20, 2022. “Turandot” opens on March 13, while “Madama Butterfly” opens on March 15, 2022.