Soprano Anja Kampe Responds to Former Agent’s Legal Threats

By David Salazar

Soprano Anja Kampe has written a response to the situation regarding her former agent Heidi Steinhaus.

After Steinhaus issued a statement regarding the possibility of taking the soprano to court (after Kampe essentially ended her relationship with Steinhaus) the soprano wrote a formal response to a report issued on Slipped Here is her response below.

“Dear Mr. Lebrecht,

One shouldn’t make a big deal out of a very normal procedure. The fact is now that I have been working with Ms. Steinhaus for 15 years who by now is 75 years old and for the past five years we have talked amicably about the future progress of my career in regards to her advanced age. For five years Ms. Steinhaus has told me that she has been looking for solutions for me inside as well as outside of her agency; unfortunately, I had to discover recently that none of that is true. I can’t afford now to have not any professional support for my career and everybody will understand that I have to think about my future. For this reason, I started to increase the pressure to find a mutually agreed upon solution this past fall, but when I realized that Ms. Steinhaus isn’t even seriously trying to find such a solution I decided with a heavy heart that I have to change management in spring. Contrary to what Ms. Steinhaus says, this has absolutely nothing to do with any personal situation and it is incorrect that she has offered me an amicable solution. Quite the opposite is true – when I tried to find a solution that works for both of us she threatened to bring this case up before a court during our last encounter.

That is all and nobody regrets it more than I do, which can easily be proven by the fact that I’m the last notable artist who was leaving her agency and not the first one. There’s nothing more to say about this and everybody inside the business doesn’t only understand the necessity of this decision and accepts and even welcome it.

With best regards,

Anja Kampe.”

Steinhaus’ previous statement was as follows:

“Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,

As you know possibly from Anja Kampe, she does not want to work with me anymore because of her personal situation.

As you all know, I have had her worldwide management since 2002 and developed her to an awesome international career. Since 2002 a contract exists between Anja Kampe and my agency. My offer for a compromise settlement Anja Kampe has rejected.

Between Anja Kampe and my agency (there) is currently a disagreement about the effectiveness of the contract after 15 years of cooperation. I’ll just let the court clarify. Until a judicial decision, I may ask you to provide me with all information. I am sorry, to ask for your help in this case.
As always warm regards

Yours Heidi Steinhaus.”