Sony Executive Replaces Controversial Director at Vienna State Opera in 2020

By David Salazar

Sony manager Bogdan Roscic is slated to be the new leader of the Vienna State Opera as of 2020.

Roscic was appointed by Austria’s Culture Ministry to take up the position and is seen as a potential pioneer due to his background in pop radio and as a record company executive. He has been the head of Sony’s classical music department since 2009 and his resume also includes time at Decca Music Group. He also headed Austria’s state-run pop radio station O3.

He will replace Dominic Meyer, who kicked off his tenure in 2010. Unfortunately Meyer’s time at the State Opera has been a tumultuous one, with the manager striking up conflicts with Franz Welser-Most and Bertrand de Billy.

First came the depart of Welser-Most on September 5, 2014 due to an inability to see eye-to-eye with the manager on planning. That situation was handled discreetly.

But the de Billy scandal was far more disastrous as the conductor, who was the front-runner to replace Welser-Most, was vocal about his disdain for Meyer’s regime. According to Limelight Magazine, he stated that “the State Opera chapter is closed for me so long as Dominique Meyer is in charge” and that he was disappointed by the “dishonesty and disloyalty” he experienced. Reports indicate that the disagreement between de Billy and Meyer resulted from a dispute over a single bar of music in the company’s new production of Wagner’s “Lohengrin.” De Billy never conducted the premiere and Meyer then took the initiative of banning his conductor from taking on new productions in subsequent seasons.

Roscic and Austria’s Government are hoping that this new tenure will be smoother sailing.