Soloists Coalition Endorses Member-Proposed Petition Amendments To AGMA’s Constitution

By Francisco Salazar

The Soloist Coalition has fully endorsed the member proposed Amendments (MPA), which will be voted on by AGMA this month.

The MPA outlines reforms for AGMA’s board and executive and notes that the rights of members are finally added to the constitution, notably protections for freedom of speech, anti-discrimination, and access to information.  The Soloist Coalition believes the MPA represents the best path forward for members’ rights and equity within AGMA. 

In a letter, the SC noted that “over the last nine months, AGMA members have been concerned about possible corruption on AGMA’s board, from the cash for non-disparagement deal negotiated with tenor Plácido Domingo, to the over $7-million NYC condo purchased for a new national office without consulting or informing the members, to the discovery that the board has avoided member scrutiny for 11 years by failing to publish its member observation policy.”

The SC also added, that it is “extremely concerned that the BoG has decided to present the ten MPA on the referendum ballot as an all-or-nothing bundle, when they were clearly intended to be voted on separately. The membership has no nuanced choice in this referendum.”

“Also, having a ballot with three choices means it is possible that no one choice will have a majority (required to pass such an important decision). These points, combined with the fact that the board never sought member input when crafting their BPR all speak to an alarming trend of the board’s mistrust of rank-and-file members.”

The letter comes as American Guild of Musical Artists members will vote on Nov. 16 between 10 Member-Proposed Petition Amendments (MPA), a full rewrite of the AGMA constitution proposed by its Board of Governors (BPR), or neither. The BPR conceals a significant loss of member rights and removes board accountability.