Seattle Opera Unveils Summer 2023 Programming

By David Salazar

Seattle Opera has unveiled its summer lineup.

“Summer is the perfect time to explore the many ways opera can expand beyond the opera house,” said General Director Christina Scheppelmann in an official press statement. “Opera isn’t only serious drama—it has always had a lighthearted side, too. Our summer programs highlight this underappreciated dimension and offer a variety of delights for all ages.”

First up is the “Creation Lab 2023” performances. Operas performed include “The Lost Genital Department” by Althea Rao and Mike Powers; “Shaat kot draa blod” by Kristin McCarthy and Mikhail Johnson; “Chop Chop!” by Hanna Nikka Odsinada and Grace Oberhofer; “Hello World” by Hannah Schoettmer and Kassey Castro; “Ghosts in the Forest” by Darby Sherwood and Mieke Johanna Doezama; and “Everything After” by Elizabeth Howell and Spencer Edgers.

Performance Dates: June 23 & 24, 2023

 That will be followed up by performances of “Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World,” featuring music by Joe Illick and a libretto by Mark Campbell. Rose Cano directs and Shelby Rhoades conducts.

Performance Dates: June 25 – July 23, 2023

There will also be “Opera Camps” for ages 10-13 and 14-18.

Performance Dates: July 10 – 21, 2023 

Finally, there will be a “BRAVO! Kickoff Party” at the National Nordic Museum.

Performance Dates: August 2, 2023