Seattle Opera to Present a ‘A Very Drunken Christmas Carol’

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Seattle Opera will celebrate the holiday season with two in-person performances by “drunken tenor” Rob McPherson on Dec. 1 and 12, 2021.

McPherson will headline “A Very Drunken Christmas Carol” and will be joined by pianist David McDade, soprano Jennifer Bromagen, mezzo-soprano Sarah Mattox, baritone John B. Cooper, and Holly McPherson on vocals.

The showcase takes Charles Dickens’ seminal story and subverts it by telling the tale of a drunken tenor who, while preparing for a holiday performance, gets knocked out and wakes up in an alternate reality where he must come to terms with the person he has become.

“This long-awaited mix of entertainment from opera and party favorites has been incredibly meaningful. “These last two years, musically self-reflecting on the powerful theme of redemption, it always resonates with audiences and I know performances are full of laughter,” McPherson said in a press statement.

All attendees must be vaccinated or present a negative COVID-19 test within the previous 72 hours; all audience members must wear a mask during the performance.