Scott Hendricks, Martin Muehle & Kiandra Louise Howarth Lead Staatsoper Hannover’s 2021-22 Season

By Francisco Salazar

The Staatsoper Hannover has announced its 2021-22 season featuring a wide variety of repertoire from repertoire staples to new operas.

Here is a look


Verdi’s Otello gets a new production starring Martin Muehle in the title role. He will be joined by Pavel Yankovsky, Daniel Miroslaw, Marco Lee, Sunnyboy Dladla, Barno Ismatullaeva, and Kiandra Louise Howarth. Stephan Zilias conducts the new production by Immo Karaman. 

Premiere Dates: Oct. 30, 2021

Theu Boermans directs a new production of “Sweeney Todd” with James Hendry, Giulio Cilona, and Carlos Vázquez conducting. Scott Hendricks takes on the title role, Anne Weber, James Newby, Germán Olvera, Daniel Eggert, Frank Schneiders, Sarah Brady, and Nikki Treurniet.

Premiere Date: Nov. 27, 2021

Germán Olvera, Hubert Zapiór, Kiandra Louise Howarth, Matilda Sterby, Sarah Brady, Nikki Treurniet, Richard Walshe, Pavel Chervinsky, and Nina van Essen star in a new production of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro with Giulio Cilona conducting and Lydia Steier directing. 

Premiere Date: Jan. 14, 2022

Weronika Rabek and Darwin Prakash star in “Denis and Katya.” Maxim Böckelmann conducts Ted Huffman’s production.

Premiere Date: Feb. 26, 2022

Ben Frost’s “Der Mordfall Halit Yozgat” will star Sabrina Ceesay, Mathias Max Herrmann, Nicolas Matthews, Tahnee Niboro, Gudrun Pelker, Yannick Spanier, and Hubert Zapiór. Florian Groß conducts the new production by Ben Frost.

Premiere Date: March 18, 2022

“Der Vampyr” by Heinrich Marschne will be directed by Ersan Mondtag and conducted by Stephan Zilias and Giulio Cilona. The cast will include Shavleg Armasi, Mercedes Arcuri, Norman Reinhardt, Michael Kupfer-Radecky, Daniel Eggert, Yannick Spanier, Petra Radulovic, Philipp Kapeller, Nikki Treurniet, Pawel Brozek, Aljoscha Lennert, Darwin Prakash, Gagik Vardanyan, Markus Suihkonen, and Weronika Rabek.

Premiere Date: March 25, 2022

Martinů’s “The Greek Passion” will showcase Tassos Apostolou, Daniel Eggert, Frank Schneiders, John Pickering, Latchezar Pravtchev, August Zirner, Darwin Prakash, Gagik Vardanyan, Magnus Vigilius, Sunnyboy Dladla, Pawel Brozek, Robert Künzli, Aljoscha Lennert, Philipp Kapeller, and Nikki Treurniet. Valtteri Rauhalammi conducts the new production by Barbora Horáková.

Premiere Date: April 28, 2022

James Newby stars in a new production of Tchaikovsky’sEugene Onegin by Barbora Horáková. The production also stars Barno Ismatullaeva, Valentina Mastrangelo, Ruzana Grigorian, Pavel Valuzhin, Shavleg Armasi, and Pavel Chervinsky.  James Hendry conducts.

Premiere Date: May 1, 2022

“Humanoid” by Leonard Evers will star Petra Radulovic, Weronika Rabek, Tobias Hechler, Aljoscha Lennert, Darwin Prakash, and Gagik Vardanyan. Giulio Cilona conducts the production by Tobias Mertke.

Premiere Date: June 11, 2022


Mozart’s Così fan Tutte is set to star Kiandra Louise Howarth,  Sarah Brady, Nina van Essen, Carmen Artaza, Hubert Zapiór, James Newby, Marco Lee, Sunnyboy Dladla, Nikki Treurniet, Mercedes Arcuri, Richard Walshe, and Yannick Spanier. Giulio Cilona conducts. 

Premiere Date: Sept. 26, 2021

Maxim Böckelmann conducts “Die Gansemagd” with Weronika Rabek, Anna-Doris Capitelli, Petra Radulovic, Daniel Eggert, and Felix Briegel.

Premiere Date: Sept. 26, 2021

Handel’s oratorio “Triunfo Vier Letzte Nachte” will be performed by Sarah Brady, Sunnyboy Dladla, Nina van Essen, and Nicholas Tamagna. David Bates conducts.

Premiere Date: Oct. 2, 2021

Eggert’s “Teufels Kuche” will be conducted by Maxim Böckelmann.

Premiere Date: Oct. 31, 2021

Mark-Anthony Turnage’s “Greek” is set to star James Newby, Iris van Wijnen, Michael Kupfer-Radecky, and Angeles Blancas. Joe Hill-Gibbins conducts.

Premiere Date: Nov. 6, 2021

Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel will be performed in time for the holiday season featuring Frank Schneiders, Monika Walerowicz, Nina van Essen, Ruzana Grigorian, Nikki Treurniet, Sarah Brady, and Robert Künzli. Giulio Cilona and Carlos Vázquez conduct. 

Premiere Date: Dec. 3, 2021

Ruzana Grigorian sings the title role in Bizet’s Carmen with Rodrigo Porras Garulo, Barno Ismatullaeva, Kiandra Louise Howarth, Germán Olvera, and Daniel Miroslaw. James Hendry conducts.

Premiere Date: Dec. 11, 2021

Britten’s “The Turn of the Screw” will star Marco Lee, Sarah Brady, Weronika Rabek, Monika Walerowicz, Sunnyboy Dladla, and Barno Ismatullaeva. Constantin Trinks conducts.

Premiere Date: Jan. 28, 2022

Long Long sings the title role in Verdi’s Rigoletto with Daniel Luis de Vicente, Sarah Brady, Mercedes Arcuri, Markus Suihkonen, Pavel Chervinsky, and Ruzana Grigorian. James Hendry conducts.

Premiere Date: Feb. 27, 2022

Giulio Cilona and Carlos Vázquez conduct Rossini’s “Il Barbiere di Siviglia with Sunnyboy Dladla, Germán Olvera, Hubert Zapiór, Nina van Essen, Pavel Chervinsky, and Daniel Miroslaw. 

Premiere Date: April 2, 2022

Rodrigo Sosa Dal Pozzo, Mercedes Arcuri, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Daniel Eggert, and Monika Walerowicz star in Britten’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The cast will also include Marco Lee, Hubert Zapiór, Nina van Essen, Sarah Brady, Richard Walshe, Yannick Spanier, Philipp Kapeller, Markus Suihkonen, Pawel Brozek, and Pavel Chervinsky. Stephan Zilias conducts.

Premiere Date: May 27, 2022