Santa Fe Opera to Present ‘Hometown to the World’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Santa Fe Opera is set to present Laura Kaminsky and Kimberly Reed’s “Hometown to the World” on Dec. 17, 2021 at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

The opera will be led by conductor Carmen Flórez-Mansi with stage direction by Kristina Mcintyre. The cast will feature Blythe Gaissert as Linda Larsen, Cassandra Zoe Velasco as Linda Morales, and Michael Kelly as Abraham Fleischmann.

The work is set in Postville, Iowa in 2008, following the aftermath of the U.S.’s largest workplace Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid.

“With this history of Postville as the backdrop, ‘Hometown to the World’ tells the story of how the worlds of three characters from the community’s main ethnic, religious and linguistic groups collide in the wake of the brutal ICE raid. The result is a complex tale that ends with a message of hope and equity,” says the company’s official press statement regarding the work.

“Hometown to the World” lasts approximately 75 minutes with no intermission and is sung in English. To attend, all audience members must present proof of vaccination for COVID-19 and must wear masks at all times.

The opera will be presented in conjunction with a number of cultural events focusing on immigration.