San Francisco Symphony Choral Director Resigns Over Vaccine Mandate

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: San Francisco Symphony)

San Francisco Symphony Choral Director Ragnar Bohlin has announced he will resign from his post due to the vaccine mandate policies instituted by both the company and the city of San Francisco.

Bohlin, whose term concludes at the end of the month, ending a 14-year tenure, has been outspoken against COVID vaccines on his Facebook page. Before his resignation, Bohlin posted numerous articles questioning the COVID vaccine including one that said the vaccine could lead to severe disease.

The Symphony’s spokesperson Robin Freeman confirmed Bohlin’s reason for departure.

The San Francisco Chronicle obtained a comment from Bohlin noting “I have with a growing sense of alarm observed the tide turn in this direction, in regards to medical passports. I am sad to now see the SFS comply with these dictats and to deprive their employees their basic rights to privacy, bodily autonomy, and informed consent.”