San Francisco Opera To Engage Middle & High School Students With Opera ARIA Music performance Residency For Next Three Years

By David Salazar

The San Francisco Opera continued its innovative approach to engaging the community in the world of opera. The company recently launched the Opera ARIA Music Performance Residency, which is a “school-focused opera-immersion program” that will connect San Francisco Unified Middle and High School performing arts students to the professional musicians and artists of San Francisco Opera. The program will feature a series of side-by-side rehearsals, solo and ensemble coachings, development of mentoring relationships, coaching for educators and in-school visits.

It will start fall 2017 and run through summer 2020. The residency began in early October with a series of side-by-side rehearsals. Over the next two years, the organization will expand to include other schools from the area.

“I am thrilled that the Koret Foundation, such a visionary supporter of San Francisco Opera for so many years, is enabling a ground-breaking development in our education program,” said San Francisco Opera General Director Matthew Shilvock. “Through Koret’s partnership, we will bring together the immense talents of the San Francisco Opera with students in the Bay Area who are already making the arts part of their lives. The potentials of this initiative are limitless and it is a very exciting new chapter for San Francisco Opera’s education programs.”

Per a press release, “Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action) is San Francisco Opera’s suite of in-school arts education programs. Opera ARIA programs connect professional, artistic and creative elements with classroom curricula.”