San Francisco Opera & San Francisco Public Library Launch Workshop Series ‘The Opera in You’

By Brian Tannenbaum

San Francisco Opera and the San Francisco Public Library have launched a series of free workshops, entitled “The Opera in You.”

The program, now in its second year, consists of sessions hosted at public library branches in San Francisco and are also complemented by free online installments from March through May.  Selected workshop participants will share their stories at a storytelling event, also free to the public, on June 15th at the main library’s Koret Auditorium on June 15th. 

Experienced, professional teachers, lead by storyteller and improviser Cory Rosen, will be exploring themes like “Fairytales,” “Comedy of Love,” and “Tales of Consequence” from this season’s program of the San Francisco Opera. Intended to uncover the stories lying within each of us, the workshops intend to build storytelling literacy skills in a collaborative setting.

No prior writing nor storytelling experience is required to participate, the program is open to all. While the workshops are free, registration is required.