San Diego Opera Announces Winners of Opera Hack 3.0

By David Salazar

San Diego Opera has announced the winning bids for Opera Hack 3.0.

The three winners include “Baroque Reality: Accessible Augmented Reality Stagecraft,” “Metropolis 3.0,” and “PO(pera)V.” Each team will be awarded $5,000 to move its proposal forward.

Per an official press statement “Baroque Reality: Accessible Augmented Reality Stagecraft,” was proposed by Esha Datta, Lindsey Blackhurst, Sarah Hutchings, and Mitchell Hutchings. Datta will be a singer, software developer, and technical lead on the project with Blackhurst working as a singer, educator, and creative concepts. Hutchings is also a singer, Assistant Professor of Voice, and workshop facilitator. Finally, Hutchings is the composer and stage director. The project aims to abridge Händel’s “Alcina” to focus the story’s narrative to focus a more female-centrice perspective via technology.

Per the official press statement, the project will allow “the audience to see a virtual set with characters’ backstories and additional story information presented visually… using real-time tracking performers as avatars and body tracking technology, audiences will view the story from various characters’ perspectives through devices.”

“Metropolis 3.0” features a creative team comprised of composer Luciana Perc, librettist Jacqueline Goldfinger, director and developer Eddie DeHais, Technical developer Ian Garrett, designer Yelena Babinska, singing expert Alejandra Martinez, and Megan Cooper. The project aims to explore the narrative at the heart of the original 1927 film by Fritz Lang through a modern lens.

Finally, “PO(pera)V,” which was proposed by mechanical engineer Nam Nyugen, aims to immerse audiences in opera based on their interests and curiosity thanks to the use of 360-degree camera technology.