Samuel Schultz Receives $300k Settlement from Royal Caribbean

By Francisco Salazar

The Royal Caribbean cruise ships will pay baritone Samuel Schultz $300,000 to settle a lawsuit.

In May 2018, Schultz sued the cruise line alleging discrimination under U.S. ADA legislation after Royal Caribbean fired him because the company’s psychiatric evaluation established that Schultz had a risk for mental depression working on the confines of a cruise ship for weeks at a time. This was followed by years of litigation.

According to Florida records, the company originally asserted that U.S. law did not apply because the ship’s registry is not in the U.S., and singers are contract workers, not employees.

The cruise that Schultz was supposed to work for traveled from Singapore to Stockholm.

According to the settlement, Royal Caribbean will now have to pay the Plaintiff’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and recoverable costs as well as the $300,000. However, the settlement stipulates the company does not admit to any wrongdoing. Schultz has 14 days to accept the offer.

Schultz recently resigned from the AGMA board after criticizing the union during the Plácido Domingo investigation and accused David Daniels and his husband of rape.

Here is the settlement: SchulrzSettlementExA