Salzburg Festival Donates 100,000 to Four Charities

By David Salazar

The Salzburg Festival has announced a donation of 100,000 euros to a number of charities.

Among those organizations that will be beneficiaries of this donation are “Doctors Without Borders” and “ORF Nachbar in Not,” both of which will receive 35,000 euros each. “Caritas Salzburg” will get 20,000 and “Promente Salzburg” will be the recipient of 10,000.

“The Salzburg Festival wants to give financial help and joy to those within our society who are not so well off. Thanks to the willingness of our artists to perform dress rehearsals without a fee, we are able to donate to charity by selling benefit tickets to these rehearsals. The focus of this year’s activities is on organizations and projects helping victims and those affected by the war of aggression in Ukraine,” the Directorate of the Salzburg Festival said in an official statement. “In addition to offering financial help, we wish to keep these crises and issues at the forefront of the public eye.”

“Doctors Without Borders” features 570 Ukrainian staff members in Ukraine who are delivering medical and humanitarian aid to those affected by the ongoing war. The organization is also supporting care for survivors of sexual violence.

“ORF Nachbar in Not” distributes food and hygiene productions and sustains basic medical services to those in need.

“Caritas Salzburg” aids those in need throughout Salzburg. Finally, “Pro Mente Salzburg” helps those in need of psychological and social rehabilitation with an emphasis on younger patients.