Salzburg Festival Announces Young Singers Project 2018

By David Salazar

The Salzburg Festival has announced that 13 singers from 12 European nations shall take part in the Young Singers Project.

Per a press release, the ensemble hails from Great Britain, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Korea, France, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Romania and Poland.

“The director of the Young Singers Project, Evamaria Wieser, a member of numerous juries herself, selects young vocalists at international auditions who then receive the opportunity to work with Festival artists. In addition, the curriculum includes musical lessons and repertoire expansion, staged rehearsals, language coaching and song interpretation. Both master classes and the practical relevance of their work make YSP a young artist programme which is internationally considered a model,” stated the press release.

The artists will participate in a number of different works, including Richard Strauss’ “Salome” and Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” in a version for children. There is also a concert.

The young artists include Neven Crnić, Paweł Trojak, Ion Stancu, Hyunjai Lee, Emma Posman, Marie Perbost, Liviu Holender, Carina Schmieger, Gürkan Gider, Olga Rudyk, Alyona Rostovskaya, and Katie Coventry.