Salzburg Festival Announces Extension with Main Sponsor

By David Salazar

The Salzburg Festival has announced that Siemens will remain the main sponsor of the event until 2026.

Siemens has a lengthy history with the festival, serving as sponsors between 1995 through 1998 before becoming the main sponsor from 1999 onward.

Siemens enables the festival to offer up free access to performances throughout the world via its Siemens Festival> Nights, which provide the largest public screen of classical music since 2002.

Along with the announcement, the organization unveiled Siemens Breakfast> Concert, which will take place every Saturday  at 10 a.m. and will include performances of “Don Giovanni” on August 15, the Vienna Philharmonic, and musicAeterna.

“Sponsors like Siemens guarantee the diversity of the Salzburg Festival’s programming. Especially in economically uncertain times such as these, this new contract gives us financial stability, and the Siemens Festival>Nights are a gift to opera lovers from around the world,” Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler said in a press release.