Ryan McKinny, Nicole Heaston, Elena Villalón Headline Houston Grand Opera’s ‘Vinkensport’

By David Salazar

Houston Grand Opera has announced that it will present “Vinkensport” or “The Finch opera” by composer David T. Little and Royce Vavrek.

The showcase is set for Oct. 23, 2020 and will be streamed virtually for one month following release via Marquee TV.

The performance will star Nicole Heaston as Sir Elton John’s Trainer with soprano Elena Villalón as Farinelli’s Trainer, Ryan McKinny as Atticus Finch’s Trainer, and Alicia Gianni as St. Francis’ Trainer. Finally, Kelly Markgraf will take on the role of Prince Gabriel III of Belgium’s Trainer’s Son and Ricardo Garcia as Han Sach’s Trainer.

Timothy Meyers conducts the work which will be co-directed by McKinny and E. Loren Meeker.